Yoga is an holistic approach to exercise that balances body, mind & spirit


Regular yoga practice will both relax and energize you. 

Benefits include:

  • Vitality

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased strength & body tone

  • Improved posture

  • A sense of well-being

  • Enhanced concentration

  • Self-confidence

  • Relaxation & calm



Iyengar yoga is the world's most widely practised method of yoga, and is named after BKS Iyengar. 


BKS Iyengar was born 14 December 1918 in Bellur, South India and started practicing yoga at the age of 16 under the guidance of his Yoga Master, Prof. T. Krishnamacharya.  In 1954 he was introduced to the West by the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin.  His book 'Light on Yoga' was first published in 1966. He is considered by many as the world's foremost exponent of yoga. Guruji (as he was fondly known by many of his students) practised right into his 90's until his sad demise on 20 August 2014.

Iyengar Yoga is derived from classical Hatha Yoga and incorporates the teaching of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

What might I expect at an Iyengar class?

Iyengar yoga is characterised by its approach to precision, accuracy and alignment of postures. Props are used (for example - blocks, bricks, belts, chairs and blankets) to encourage alignment and make its practice accessible for everyone.

Classes include Asanas (yoga postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Relaxation.

Every class is different, we do not follow a set sequence of asanas. Focus changes from week to week, following a four week cycle - standing poses, forward bends, backbends & restorative.

For further information on Iyengar Yoga visit the official web sites:


I am a fully certified Junior Intermediate Level 3 Iyengar teacher (2019) and have been teaching since 2005.

I was first introduced to yoga in the mid 1990's, and initially explored many styles of yoga - Iyengar, Hatha, British Wheel of Yoga, Vinyasa, Sivananda & Ashtanga. I quickly found I was drawn to the precision and alignment that is characteristic of Iyengar yoga. 

After 7 years of practising with Julie Hodges at Putney Iyengar Yoga Centre, London I spent a further two years of intensive training, and assessment with Sheila Haswell at Sarva, High Wycombe, qualifying in 2005 as an Introductory Iyengar teacher. 

Since then I have been dedicated in progressing my own yoga practice, yoga knowledge and experience through further training. I regularly attend workshops & conventions with senior Iyengar teachers & visiting Indian teachers, attend weekly classes in Essex & monthly workshops at YogaShala, High Wycombe & Putney. In December 2018 I was fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks in Pune being taught by Geeta & Prashant Iyengar (Guruji's children) & Abhijata Iyengar (Grand daughter).

In 2014 I qualified as a Junior Intermediate Level 1 teacher; 2016 as Junior Intermediate Level 2; & most recently, October 2019, as Junior Intermediate Level 3.

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