class timetable - online (via ZOOM)

Currently ALL classes are online. Face to face classes are on hold until 17th May 2021.

09:15-10:15 (60mins)
19:00-20.15 (90mins)
09:15-10:15 (60mins)
19:00-20:15 (75mins)
09:15-10:15 (60mins)
18:00-18:45 (45mins)
19:00-20:00 (60mins)
09:15-10:30 (75mins)
online class guidance
  • Deadline for booking a class via email is 6pm the night before

  • Class payment is via online bank transfer, ideally prior to class

  • You will receive an email the evening before with the class zoom link

  • Download the free Zoom App to your chosen device & familiarise yourself with it prior to class. 

  • Log on & join the class 5-10 mins early so you can ensure your camera & mic working

  • You will need enough floor space (& height) to do the poses

  • Place your device so that I can see you standing from head to toe (for your safety & corrections)

  • Have your props nearby (ideally mat, blanket or towel, blocks, yoga belt or other strap, bricks & chair or stool)

  • Wearing dark colours makes it harder for me to see you clearly. Wear light colours and have the room well lit

  • View class in Speaker Mode, so that you can see me & any demonstrations clearly

  • You will be put on mute during the class so that you can hear me clearly without other distractions

By booking a class you are agreeing to the following Disclaimer:

 "I am providing this programme/sequence for use by my existing & new yoga students only.  
In following this programme/sequence, you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result."

class levels
  • Novice - Students with no yoga experience; or have taken a break & wish to start with basics

  • General - Mixed level class

  • Beginners - Students that have completed the Novice course or have 3 months minimum Iyengar experience

  • Improvers - Students with 1year+ experience

  • Intermediate - Students with 3years+ experience

class prices - online 

£7 - 60 mins

£8.50 - 75 mins

£40 - 6 week course for Complete Novices