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I have been learning yoga with Claire for over three years. She is an excellent instructor, always with an encouraging and positive attitude. I have really noticed an improvement in my own practice since working with her and her attention to detail is so helpful. Over lockdown Claire provided regular zoom classes. She adapted her instruction so it was safe but also challenging. She created a friendly online community, which has kept us all going through these challenging times. I am looking forward to going back to face to face classes as soon as we can.


I'm missing face to face classes.... Thank you for continuing with classes over zoom. It is amazing that you take the time to look at us individually and get us to do the slightest of adjustments in poses. 

My dog loves the sound of your voice and settles on the bed and has his own hour of savasana!


Being able to continue yoga has been really important to me (and I'm sure to others) over this topsy turvy and at times quite scary year. It's never going to be the same as face to face but it has provided contact with others, a point of focus and a solid start to my day - a positive reason to get up and get moving! The body has not always been willing, but there has never been a time when I regretted 'zooming' in.


Thanks, Claire - that session was exactly what I needed. Feeling very relaxed! :)


I am so grateful that you embraced Zoom as a method of teaching! Your organisation and management of the classes has been so professional, calm and personable that it has definitely given me the confidence to continue with my practice during lockdown - especially as you are so receptive to adressing our individual needs. For me this has been a lifesaver following my recent injury and I am grateful for your support in enabling me to continue with my classes.


I’ve been doing Yoga with Claire for a year now, and I’ve learnt so much. I’d never done any kind of yoga before so it was a bit daunting at first, but Claire demonstrates really well and corrects my posture (even over zoom). She is always happy to answer questions after class.  Even on days when I’m tired or not in a great mood, I always feel so much better after a class.


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